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Garment bags are poly bags used by most dry cleaners, alteration shops, tuxedo shops, shipping clothes company, retail stores, garment factories, and even home uses to keep their clothes dust-free and clean. Our garment bags help extend the life of your clothes. The garment bags / poly-bags are made from polyethylene plastic resin. With sloped shoulders for proper hang & fit. The bags come in a roll and are perforated according to the length selected. The available lengths are 36" inches to 60" inches.

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Polybags - garment bags

Garment bags

Inexpensive clothing protection! Lightweight, transparent poly garment bags in pants, shirt/suit, dress, and long coat sizes. Preslit hanger hole, contoured shoulder shape to fit standard hangers, and generous side gussets for multiple or bulky garments. Preprinted with suffocation warning. Packaged on a roll and perforated for easy tear off.

Garment Bags / Dry Cleaning Poly Bags on Rolls

These Dry Cleaning bags are made with hanger holes and sloped shoulders and come on a roll for easy dispensing. We can even put a custom print or logo on these bags. Garment Bags are perfect for protecting everything in a common wardrobe and keeping them wrinkle free! Our Laundry Bags can also help keep a bride's wedding gown free from dust. From formal wear, full length coats, evening gowns, cocktail party attire, shirts and suits, they can accommodate almost any need.

Garment Covers on a Roll

  • 91cm (36 in.) supplied on a roll of approximately 650 bags
  • 120cm (48 in.) supplied on a roll of approximately 500 bags
  • 152 cm (60 in.) supplied on a roll of approximately 400 bags

  1. Material
    • Low density polythene (LDPE)
    • Linear low density polythene (LLDPE)
    • High density polythene (HDPE)
    • Recycled polythene
    • Degradable polythene
    • Biodegradable polythene

  2. Appearance
    • Light/Tint coloured
    • Opaque coloured
    • Clear

  3. Plain or printed 'Garment Covers'
    • Plain
    • Printed in 1 colour
    • Printed in 2 colour
    • Printed in 3 colour

  4. Folding/Packing options
    • Individually cut covers - Single covers
    • Gussetted
    • Perforated on roll

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